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hi. Do you know me? feel free to stick around. are you an internet stranger? go away.

Late to the party, but Band Aid?!

Law & Order: McCoy - look stupid?
They remade a version of this in Germany. I guess that means they did it in English too. WHY. This song has always made me uncomfortable. Now, on hearing it again, I know why exactly. It's fucking offensive. In the same way the "Redskins" is fucking offensive. "Do THEY know it's Christmas time at all, those poor Africans?"

Fuck whoever had the idea to revive this horrible song for the season. It's worse than "Last Christmas" and the Bieber version of "All I want for Christmas" combined.

Somebody please, please tell me pop America feels the same way. Or is this a uniquely German thing, that this stupid song is topping the charts here? Maybe because half of the offensive lyrics are in English?

*headdesk, turns off the radio*

Fabric Painting Adventures #2

Avatar: Sokka - boomerang needed
Remember the first post? It spawned requests.

stocking for DD:

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... I kinda wish I made a Wonderwoman, Sokka and Toph shirt for myself ;-)

Enjoy, and hope you're having a nice holiday so far!

fabric painting adventures

Slayers: Lina - cute
After sewing this Nicholas stocking for my son, I started with the fabric markers to decorate it...l and then decided to repair an old mangy shirt... then make a new one because the DD requested a "spiderman shirt" ...

These somehow happened too:

nom nom :-). Chris says they're "too American" - too sweet and full of chocolate! :P

So I just logged onto LJ and read...

Dr. Horrible:  ahaha!
That Orlando Bloom threw a punch at Justin Bieber. I knew I liked Orlando Bloom for some reason.

Back on track. Got commissioned by Michelle to do an Ares drawing in the female form. For a !! tattoo !! Holy shit. Well it's not like I haven't done tattoos before but this is complicated. Jesus. That little voice in my head is screaming "Don't fuck up! Don't fuck up! Arg!"

Here is the rough draft so far.

A tattoo. Holy shit man. How are you guys?

Lots of pictures, none of kids

Rosencrantz: sandwich
FOTD today: retesting Underwater Laugh. No flaking off today, I used thinner layers. Also using essence crystal liner in blue over brown gel liner. This combo is gorgeous!

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Rainbow, rose gold

Golden eyeliner FOTD

Rosencrantz: cute but stupid
Situational update: I did have a long talk with the DH about my health last night. I'm not entirely sure it went well, and I think I reflected that in my MU today. I never wear really dark eyes when I'm in my happy place. Hope it looks OK though :)

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Rosencrantz: cute but stupid
Yeah, I wanted green today and also my duochrome eyeliner for strength and good thoughts and looking awake etc. This EOTD no longer exists because I may have wept it off already, *tragicomedy haha* (alright, to be fair, *most* of the eye watering was from huge yawns, not tears, but still.) ((Relevant edit: I have a slipped disc))

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I didn't list eye products because all but the brown in my outer corner are DC'd Catrice and essence eyeshadows. But I will if you guys want me to anyhow!

Hey guys look! I'm alive!

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An old friend here emailed me about Xyllomer, and I thought, well. If anyone still reads this journal, they should probably know what my new interest focus is, which is doing my face in crazy makeup. Don't ask me how that happened, I don't know. Actually I do: I have kids, young kids, and my entire day is devoted to taking care of them, and has been for the last three and a half years, with no breaks. Okay, we had someone babysit for us all of three times I believe. Still - no time for online shenanigans, email checking, gaming, web surfing, writing, drawing comics, or any of my other pre-parent activities.

BUT. BUT BUT. Painting my *face* is something I can still do in the mornings. And need to, just for my undereye circles, I mean really now, I am not sick, I just didn't put my concealer on today, can you stop asking, everybody. But after a year of learning how to mask my undereye circles well, I got, well, bored. And twitchy from not doing anything creative. And hence, making Face Of The Days (FOTDs) was born. I do challenges that people ask me to as well, like "Black Swan" makeup (yes, I did do that once).

Note: I didn't say I was *good* at it. But, it's the one time of the day that I still call mine, all mine, and also get to do something creative. So I have done it with a passion for two years now, and have a slew of pictures to prove it.

Yeah so anyway. I still love video games and reading, and writing fanfiction porn. (haha!) I'm still Captain Basch, you morons. I have, if possible, even less of a bullshit filter than I did pre-kids because I am often tired, and well, this is my free time. I don't have the time to be polite or dick around nicely anymore. My time is precious, my language is foul, and my patience is short. I probably don't have time to post actual good for anything entries, but in the interest of keeping my friends sort of in touch, I will post my FOTDs when I have them. Good, bad, ugly, you can comment on them and tell me they suck and I'm too old for this. It's cool, I know I am. Don't go around thinking I've become a beauty blogger. Unless you're a makeup company looking for someone to send free promotional items to for reviewing. THEN I TOTALLY HAVE, HERE LET ME GIVE YOU MY ADDRESS.

So here's my makeup nerdery of today: Catrice Mermaid It! cream eyeshadow pencil, paired with both blues in the Shiseido Punky Blues trio. Normally I would just put the Shi pink where I put the copper cream shadow, but I didn't feel like being inventive today, and I wanted to stick to Catrice's theme for this shadow, which is "Le Grand Bleu." I find it interesting, trying to come up with colour combinations from my own stuff that fits the Catrice colour theme. And blue is my favourite colour after all!

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